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Jules Brooks - Doula

I am an experienced Doula and have been supporting couples through their birth journey for 18 years. I am a Childbirth Educator, Calmbirth Practitioner, Birth Counsellor and the Mother of 3 teenagers.
My interest in working as a Doula was by inspired by my own birth experiences, after having a caesarean section and two natural births, I felt drawn to this work, wanting women to have better birth experiences.
I completed my Doula training with Rhea Dempsey ( in 2001) and I work in the public and private hospital system as well as home births. I am experienced in working with natural birth, VBACs, inductions. and same-sex couples.

My support is for the birthing woman and her partner and I see my role is to uphold what is important to them. I view birth as a normal life experience and I believe in women's bodies and their ability to birth and hope to pass on that trust and confidence.

I bring many skills to my work on a practical, physical and emotional level. I use my expertise as a Calmbirth practitioner and work with breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as working with your body before and during labour to make space for baby and create optimal fetal positioning using 'spinning babies' techniques.

What I feel is most important is that couples have a positive experience however their birth unfolds.

My birthing package includes:

 Support during your pregnancy

 2­-3 ante natal visits including a birth plan meeting

 Subscription to our About Birth Online Birth Education Program

 On call for a 4 week period ­ 2 weeks either side of your due date

 24 hour availability and support throughout your labour

 Access to our resources and referrals to other health practitioners

 1 postnatal visit (Extra support visits are available if needed)

Birth package cost ­ $1,850.00 -­ 2 Payments

- Booking fee at the time of confirmation - $1,000.00 (Non refundable)
- Payment for on call and birth fee due at Birth Plan Meeting (approx 35 weeks) $850.00 (Non refundable)

We endeavour to offer a respectful, open and honest service, where the integrity of your views and beliefs are upheld at all times. We are open to working with all varied birthing options and respect all religious and spiritual requirements.


•Provides support is for both the birthing woman and partner
•First births can be long, partners need to break, eat etc…
•Have the benefit of an experienced person in birth
•Help with understanding information and decision making
•Uphold the things that are important to you

In 2017 Cochrane Review releases results for ‘continuous labour support’

Definition of continuous support-

At minimum support during ‘active labour’ and often longer

Type of support –

•Comforting the birthing women
•Communicating Mothers wishes to caregivers

The review looked at 3 types of support

•Hospital Staff
•Personal association – Friend or family member

The results were that Doula support had the best outcomes

Benefits –

•39% less likely to have a caesarean
•35% less likely to have a negative birth experience
•15% more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth
•Reduction in the use of syntocin
•Reduction in the use of medical pain relief
•More likely to have shorter labours
•Less likely to have an instrumental delivery
*Australian National Partnership for Women and Families - Cochrane Review 2017


Learn the art of relaxation and breathing for a positive birth experience. Calmbirth® workshops held in Malvern, Yarraville.



Birth de-briefing offers the opportunity for a greater understanding of what happened at your birth, along with the opportunity for your story to be heard and counselled with a woman that understands the birthing world and the impact of unmet expectations.



A Birth Attendant or Doula is a woman trained and experienced in birthing. She provides emotional, physical and educational support to woman, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.